Justice, Missions and Outreach @ Faith UCC

At Faith UCC, we believe our mission is to delight God through worship and communion with God, through justice, education, and action. We strive towards God’s dream of peace and abundance for all people and creation, seeking to be both transformed and transformational. This mission to delight God informs all areas of our life together, including how we witness, organize, serve our neighbors, and give for the common good. We are an Open and Affirming and a Peace with Justice Church that is geared toward being relevant in an age of irrelevant churches.  We believe strongly that the church is indeed relevant to everything going on in the world today.  Our on-going Mission/Outreach and Justice endeavors include:

Justice Endeavors

  LGBT Equality Work/PRIDELast year, we had 25 Faith folks and friends march in the St. Pete’s PRIDE Parade!  Advocating for justice and equality for our LGBT sisters and brothers is a high priority for us at Faith.  We take ‘radical welcome’ very seriously! 

  FAST (Faith and Action for Strength Together) - FAST is a Faith-Based Community Organizing entity comprised of over 40 churches, synagogues and mosques for the purpose of advocating for justice in Pinellas County.  FAST is involved in advocacy to ensure fairness and justice in the areas of – Affordable Housing, Job Creation and Retention (especially for rehabilitated ex-offenders), Healthcare and Dental Care for the Poor, Education, Drugs, Crime and neighborhood Safety and more. 

Tabling - On the third Sunday of each month, we act on our faith through letter writing, signing petitions or making phone calls to elected officials to encourage them to enact legislation that protects the poorest and most vulnerable and those that are feeling the brunt of discrimination.  Last year we sent letters to the President, local and national congressional representatives, businesses and more around issues of workplace discrimination, environmental justice, gun control legislation, immigration, hunger, poverty, violence against women, fair pay and so much more!  We put our faith into action and live it to the fullest. 

  Environmental Justice - As a community that believes we are interconnected to the natural world around us in intricate ways, Faith UCC advocates on behalf of the environment.  We believe we are called by our faith to speak out against policies and practices that harm God’s amazing creation.  This is a new and growing justice ministry for us, so please watch for more details and most of al, join us in this endeavor!  Together we can work to assure God’s world is not harmed irrevocably for future generations. 

  KIVA - Faith has an active KIVA group that makes regular loans throughout the world and brings news to the community.  We are very intentional about engaging the world in terms of justice and love.  KIVA offers us that opportunity. 

Outreach and Missions

RCS (Religious Community Services) - RCS is a local Outreach program in Pinellas County that offers a variety of wonderful services for those in need. RCS offers a thrift store, a Food Bank, Transitional Housing (Grace House) and refuge for women suffering abuse  (The Haven).  Our missions include: collecting food and clothing (the children have their own outreach ministry where they collect children’s clothing); supporting RCS with financial donations and organizing an annual Christmas  celebration complete with Santa and over 65 full stockings for the children that call Grace House home. 

Sea Us Grow Preschool - Sea Us Grow is a preschool in Clearwater that offers lower income children a chance to receive quality Pre-K education. Faith offers regular financial support, as well as donating beautiful blankets handcrafted by our very own Faith Stitchers. 

Other Outreach and Missions we regularly support:

Bread for the World – Offering of letters

Crop Hunger Walk

United Church of Christ ‘Five for Five’ Offerings

Dreams of Justice – For the Future

We also have several members in the congregation that have relationships with communities around the world – Haiti, Columbia Guatemala and the Philippines.  Our hope and dream is to build on these relationships. We believe firmly that the local is global, and the global is local and we are all interconnected in this globalized world.  Stay tuned for more information as these relationships begin to blossom!